Best 15 EV App Development Companies in Worldwide

Find the best EV app development companies in the USA, UK, Dubai, and India. Learn about top firms offering cutting-edge solutions for electric vehicle app development and support.

In the rapidly developing environment of electric mobility, App development has played a vital role in innovation and efficiency. With the advancement in digital transformation, people and services are moving towards environmentally friendly transportation, and the electric vehicle (EV) business has expanded recently. Launching unique EV apps in the market can lead to higher revenues, Increased popularity, and a stronger brand.

This article will introduce the top 15 EV app development companies, allowing you to partner with a reputable mobile app development company. This partnership can provide valuable insights into the EV app development process, potentially leading to a successful and profitable project.

Leading 3 EV app development companies

  1. Richestsoft
  2. CUBIX
  3. DeviceBee Technologies

Types of EV App Development

1. EV Charging Station Finder Apps

These apps help users locate nearby charging stations, which is critical for long trips or in unfamiliar areas. Features typically include:

  • Real-time location of charging stations.
  • Availability status of charging points.
  • Types of connectors available.
  • Pricing information.
  • User reviews and ratings.

2. Battery Management and Monitoring Apps

Battery life and performance are central concerns for EV owners. These apps allow users to monitor their battery’s health and performance, providing features such as:

  • Real-time battery level monitoring.
  • Charging status and history.
  • Estimated range based on current battery level.
  • Alerts for low battery or charging completion.
  • Energy consumption statistics.

3. Navigation and Trip Planning Apps

These apps are designed to optimize routes for EVs, considering factors like charging stations, terrain, and traffic conditions. Features include:

  • Route planning with charging stops.
  • Real-time traffic updates.
  • Energy-efficient route suggestions.
  • Integration with in-car navigation systems.
  • Trip history and statistics.

4. Remote Control and Vehicle Management Apps

These applications enable users to control various functions of their EV remotely. Features may include:

  • Locking/unlocking doors.
  • Starting/stopping the engine.
  • Climate control adjustments.
  • Location tracking of the vehicle.
  • Service and maintenance scheduling.

5. Fleet Management Apps

For businesses managing a fleet of EVs, these apps offer tools to monitor and manage multiple vehicles. Features include:

  • Real-time tracking of all fleet vehicles.
  • Battery status and range monitoring.
  • Route optimization for multiple vehicles.
  • Maintenance alerts and scheduling.
  • Driver performance analytics.

6. Public Transport and Ride-Sharing Apps

As public transport systems and ride-sharing services adopt EVs, specific apps are developed to support these operations. Features include:

  • Real-time vehicle availability.
  • Booking and payment systems.
  • Route optimization for ride-sharing.
  • Integration with public transport schedules.
  • User feedback and rating systems.

7. In-Vehicle Infotainment Apps

These apps enhance the in-car experience by providing entertainment, information, and connectivity features. They can include:

  • Streaming services for music and video.
  • Real-time news updates.
  • Social media integration.
  • Voice control and virtual assistants.
  • Navigation and travel information.

8. Eco-Driving and Performance Apps

These apps help users drive more efficiently and improve their vehicle’s performance. Features include:

  • Real-time feedback on driving habits.
  • Tips for improving energy efficiency.
  • Performance analytics.
  • Gamification elements to encourage eco-driving.
  • Integration with smart home systems.

9. Charging Network Management Apps

For operators of charging networks, these apps provide tools to manage and optimize the performance of charging stations. Features include:

  • Monitoring of station performance.
  • Remote control of charging stations.
  • User management and billing.
  • Data analytics for network optimization.
  • Integration with grid management systems.

Short Introduction About EV (Electric Vehicle) App Development Companies


Richestsoft is a top mobile app development company chosen by Clutch. They offer an enhanced technical experience for building top-class web and mobile application solutions for electric vehicle App development. Richestsoft is an award-winning app development company with over a decade of experience creating custom on-demand mobile apps.

Richestsoft can navigate the complexity of EV App development, ensuring your project meets critical safety and performance standards. They focus on web development, mobile app development services, and all types of custom apps businesses need.

Services they provide

  • Mobile App and Web Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • UI & UX Development
  • On-demand software development
  • Ecommerce and CMS Development in Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce


CUBIX is a leading mobile app, game, and enterprise software development company specializing in developing, customizing, and integrating complex enterprise-level solutions, business intelligence analytics, and advanced web and mobile solutions. Its well-qualified designers and developers love transforming product ideas into digital realities. CUBIX brings ideas to life, leveraging modern technologies.

CUBIX has creative thinkers who help businesses become competitive by building intelligent digital products that leverage the power of digital innovation, outstanding signs, and emerging technologies.

Services they provide

  • Native iOS and Android App Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Mobile 2D and 3D games Development

DeviceBee Technologies

DeviceBee Technologies is one of the fastest-growing mobile app development companies. It creates the digital solutions that customers want. It is an innovative Mobile app development agency that helps startup founders and enterprises innovate with better web and mobile experiences.

They help develop narratives that resonate with the right audiences. Their creative designers design a compelling brand communicating value, voice, and emotions. DeviceBee Technologies is also known for serving the best quality products to their clients on a budget.

Services they provide

  • Ecommerce App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • App Analytics and Marketing
  • Chat Bot and Conversational Interface Development
  • Food Ordering App Development

Aalpha Information System

Aalpha Information System is a leading EV app development company providing IT services/solutions across web and mobile application development. They are the leading providers of cost-effective solutions that are scalable, reliable, and built on the latest technology platforms. Aalpha’s best project management practices ensure quick turn-around time. They specialize in catering to the changing dynamics of the Information Technology industry

They ensure their solutions meet global software development standards and client requirements, which help organizations adapt to this evolving landscape.

Services they provide

  • Software Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Mobile-based Application Development
  • Social Media App Development
  • SaaS App Development
  • E-Commerce Solutions and Web Development


Brainvire is a leading Electronic vehicle app development company trusted by global enterprises like FOX Sport, Nike, Cole Haan, Disney, etc. They deliver AI-powered enterprise-level digital transformation solutions. They use the latest technologies to make digital transformation accessible and achievable for businesses worldwide.

Brainvire is deeply rooted in leveraging Artificial Intelligence to enhance operational efficiency, drive growth, and foster innovation for businesses worldwide. It has 21+ years of expertise in developing Mobile apps, eCommerce, and Web Development Solutions.

Services they provide

  • Native application (iOS, Android, Tablet)
  • Cross-platform apps using React Native, Flutter, Xamarin
  • Magento Development & Migration
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)
  • Maintenance & Enhancement of Web Apps


Apptunix is a top-rated web/mobile app development company. Their expertise and experience develop tailored solutions to meet your needs and goals. Apptunix ensures that your project meets the highest performance, security, and reliability standards.

Apptunix is an award-winning mobile app development agency with offices in the USA, UK, UAE, and India. They offer personalized solutions tailored to your requirements, ensuring your project aligns perfectly with your vision and goals.

Services they provide

  • Native Apps development (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Cross-platform Apps development (React, Flutter, ionic, Xamarin, Titanium, PhoneGap)
  • Games Development (Unity3D, Cocos2D)
  • Web development (Shopify, Laravel, PHP, WordPress, Magento, Joomla)
  • Web Designing (Graphics, UI, Illustration, Photoshop)


AppsDevPro (App Development Professional) is a leading IT company providing expert offshore developers for your project. They help your businesses to meet the tech talent shortage with complete flexibility, scalability, and ease. AppsevPro provides experts for end-to-end software solutions like project prototyping, UI/UX designing, development, modernization, deployment, and maintenance.

It adopts a completely transparent process and control of your project. They use best-class and sophisticated project management tools to effectively plan, execute, and successfully deploy top web, mobile, and software development solutions for business.

Services they provide

  • Support and maintenance
  • API integration
  • Custom Software Development
  • Software UI/UX design
  • Technology consulting


Blocktunix is one of the pioneering blockchain development companies. Its team consists of talented data scientists, developers, designers, and engineers. The company is dedicated to creating and delivering top-tier blockchain solutions using the latest technologies. It creates scalable asset-agnostic applications with functional blockchain networks and the power of decentralization.

The Blocktunix platform is designed with simplicity and security so that they can deliver. Their development team works with various tools and components to develop a successful app solution for your venture

Services they provide

  • Private Blockchain Development
  • Metaverse NFT and Avatar Development
  • NFT Marketplace Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Cryptocurrency Development


Appinventiv is an industry leader in building digital products ranging from mobile apps to AI-powered software. This is a Global custom software and mobile app development that helps businesses gain unmatched competitive advantages. They blooming innovative ideas into disruptive products through digital solutions.

Before starting the project, they listen to the client’s issues, requirements, challenges, and objectives. Their technical knowledge, expertise, and research provide the best solution at the lowest cost.

Services they provide

  • Ideation and Product Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Science & Analytics


Mobulous is a rapidly growing company in designing & developing mobile applications and websites. Mobulous has collaborated with a wide range of startups and renowned brands in various industries, counting among its notable partners names such as KFC, Starbucks, IndiaMart, Dainik Bhaskar, and many others. They hаvе a tеrrіfіс record оf delivering іnсrеdіblе аnd innovative аррѕ that have ѕсrірtеd mаnу ѕuссеѕѕ ѕtоrіеѕ оf brаndѕ асrоѕѕ the glоbе.

Their еxtеnѕіvе experience іn the mobile wоrld enables uѕ tо develop and dеlіvеr brеаkthrоugh mоbіlе solutions іn vаrіоuѕ vеrtісаlѕ including Entеrрrіѕе, Navigation, Hеаlth Cаrе, Wearable Technology, E-commerce, News, Utility, and Organizers, and Education еtс.

Services they provide

  • Website Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • AI | ML Development


BLINK22 steps up as a contender in the EV App development arena. For more than nine years, it has been turning incredible ideas into innovative software for smart companies across the globe. It is uniquely positioned to help startups and established small and medium businesses take their user experience to the next level, regardless of location.

With a transparent development process, they keep lines of communication open throughout the project.BLINK22’s expert team of software developers creates and launches specialty applications designed with your goals in mind.

Services they provide

  • Content Management System
  • Custom Web Application
  • Native and Web-Based Apps
  • Context Enabled Chatbots
  • Voice-Enabled Chatbots


BENAMIX is a superior EV app development company that provides software development of any scale and complexity to solve challenges and capture opportunities unique to your business. Their team of experts starts the project by deeply understanding how to increase the quality of the service so that every client deserves access to reliable software experts.

BENAMIX produces award-winning software to help clients drive their businesses forward. Their work continues to be recognized for excellence by the most highly respected organizations in the world.

Services they provide

  • Web Application Development;
  • eCommerce Solutions;
  • Mobile Application Development;
  • Blockchain development.

Explorate Global

Explorate Global is a new-age app and software development company that also develops EV (Electric vehicle) apps. It has a rich history of developing great technological solutions for millions of users in 126 countries. They quickly understand the client’s business requirements, and their team of experts works relentlessly to achieve the desired result within deadlines and with the highest quality.

Their expertise in designing technology, consulting, and development to develop innovative solutions for their clients to help them achieve their business objectives and goals.

Services they provide

  • Mobile app development
  • Web development
  • Windows App development
  • Block Chain
  • Gaming app development

Suffescom Solutions

Suffescom Solutions is a leading EV (Electronic vehicles) app development company whose designs are unique and creative while remaining functional. They specialize in creating custom solutions that bring clients tangible and measurable results to help grow their businesses and enhance their brands. Suffescom Solutions intends to create innovative, interactive mobile apps that suit clients’ needs. They built websites and applications that look great and are useful to a client’s business needs.

The best organizations, such as Hindustantimes, Yahoo, Market Watch, FOX, OCBS, etc, recognize Suffescom Solutions. Their reviews and ratings speak for the quality of work that they provide.

Services they provide

  • Mobile app development
  • AI Development
  • Windows App development
  • Block-Chain Development
  • Generative AI development


RipenApps is a top-reviewed & globally renowned mobile app development company that is also designs EV mobile applications. Their team is powered by digitally skilled design, programming, and business analysis, whose end goal is their client’s success and their customer’s satisfaction. They provide consultancy, web & app development services to multi-level businesses, from Entrepreneurs/Startups to enterprises. The company is possessed to deliver feature-loaded & UI/UX-rich, innovative solutions.

RipenApps ‘s experts design unique and cost-effective designs and have successfully delivered more than 500 qualified projects to their clients. The company is capable of delivering feature-loaded, UI/UX-rich, innovative solutions.

Services they provide

  • Mobile App Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Cross-Platform app development
  • UI/UX Designing

Wrap Up

With the advancement of the digital world, people are frequently changing their thoughts. A fresh example of the digital world is EVs (electric vehicles), which led the automobile industry to shift its focus towards improving user experience and adopting new technologies. By looking into the new and modern technologies, these companies are introducing the EV mobile app. All the companies mentioned above are the best in mobile app development and leading the digital world. Richestsoft is one of the superior companies in this field. This company has 100+ 5-star reviews on Google and is also recognized by Clutch as the best app development company of the year. They completed 500+ projects with more than 400 happy clients.

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