How to Build An App Like JustEat?

First of all understand the food delivery market, competitors, and user needs. The hire a development company, and then launch your app.

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Hmm!!  What happens If you have a food craving at 1 am in the middle of the night? Will you cook? Obviously no! In this case, if you get an application that delivers food 24/7, it will surely make you happy. So let us know about the development of such an application. Choosing a clone is an intelligent investment in productivity. By making this decision, you can avoid wasting important time and money building a food delivery platform from the ground up.

Nowadays, People are becoming increasingly lazy. They prefer to order food and want an on-demand application that provides the service 24/7—building an application like JustEat that delivers food anytime, anywhere. So, in this article, I will provide you with all the information related to the JustEat clone application, including cost, features, business benefits, reviews, and revenue.  Come On !! Have patience and continue reading the article.

Before we discuss the JustEat clone app, let’s briefly discuss the JustEat application and its features. JustEat is an online food order and delivery platform founded in 2001 in Kolding, Denmark. The platform enables customers to search for local restaurants, place orders, pay online, and choose from pick-up or delivery options.

What is the JustEat Clone App?

JustEat Clone is a ready-to-use food delivery application solution to help restaurants manage their online business easily. The ready-made JustEat app includes multiple advanced features and is fully customizable to suit business needs. It is an online platform to empower the food delivery business to meet the evolving trends in the market quickly. With the inclusion of a wide range of features and multiple interfaces, the JustEat Clone app is a perfect medium for all food delivery business players.

Key Features of the JustEat Clone App

Here are the must-have features for your Ready-made JustEat app. All the features make your application user-friendly and help your application grow the business. Let us explore the features of the JustEat clone applications.

  1. Dashboard—The dashboard is a must-have feature in the JustEat Clone app. The super admin has complete control over the Dashboard to manage the website, restaurants, customers, orders, and everything else.
  2. Availability—This feature allows the delivery boy to show their availability to deliver the food and accept and decline the order.
  3. Menu Management—The hotel owner manages the menu, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.
  4. Live Tracking—This application allows customers to track their food. Customers can track their orders and know the live location and timing of the food. 
  5. Notifications—This feature will notify the user of the latest offers, discounts, and updates. The merchant will also receive updates on orders.
  6. Order Management— This feature allows you to manage the order, delivery orders, geo-fencing, etc.
  7. Offers—It will provide you with the updates regarding the latest updates regarding offers and provide the notification. 
  8. Delivery—These features allow merchants to know the delivery man and whether the food has been delivered. They can also track the delivery man’s live location.
  9. Multiple Payment Options—This is the most important feature of the JustEat Clone App. It provides multiple payment options.
  10. Customer Relationship Management—This feature allows the merchant to view the customer profile, explore the order history of their favorites, and help to understand customer behavior. 

Business Model of the JustEat Clone App

Food delivery applications are rapidly increasing nowadays. Their great business concept and operational approach have swiftly made their impact on the market. Let us know the business model of the JustEat Clone App.


There are two interdependent customer segments in the marketplace-based JustEat business model; these include:


  •  Those who want to order food from the local restaurants.


  • Local food stores and restaurants that want a large customer base and offer takeout.

Value Proposition For Customers

The JustEat Clone app is convenient for customers because it identifies all the restaurants in a given location that offer take-out options. This means people using their platform don’t have to waste time searching for multiple websites. After viewing their reviews and feedback, users can order from any restaurant, allowing the user to order food from anywhere and make the payment using different payment modes.

Value Proposition For Restaurants.

This allows the restaurant to get customers who don’t want to go to the venue physically or who might not find it in an online search. The service also allows restaurants to view customer reviews, providing insight into their reputation.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segments operate on a multifaceted business model, with two major interdependent customer segments required to run the business.


  • Individuals who wish to order takeaway at a local restaurant.
  • Foodies who enjoy the delicious food.


  • Businesses that offer take-away meals on request.
  • Grocery stores that are looking to expand their customer volume beyond traditional channels.

Customer Relations

JustEat Clone App customer relationships are largely self-service. Customers can use the service through the main platform with limited employee interaction.

JustEat Clone App Revenue Model

JustEat Clone app earns money from restaurant fees, delivery fees, service fees, sponsored placement, merchandise and packaging sales, and exchange fees. It operates on a business model that matches supply to available demands.

Restaurant Commissions

Most of JustEat Clone’s revenue comes from the commissions the restaurant pays for each order facilitated through its platform.

Delivery And Services Fees

In addition to restaurant fees, the JustEat clone charges a delivery and service fee, calculated based on the distance.

Sponsored Placements Within The platform

Restaurants and other partners on the JustEat Clone platform can increase their presence through promoted placements. The JustEat Clone app generates revenue through sponsored placements using the cost-per-click (CPC) model. Every time a customer clicks on the promotion, the restaurant pays a small commission.

Merchandise And Packaging Sales

Another source of income, although quite small, for JustEat Clone is the sale of packaging goods and equipment. The merchandise includes Clothing and accessories for couriers, while the packaging is used for food delivery.

Must have features on Ready made JustEat App

Implementing a platform similar to JustEat offers a myriad of advantages for your online food-ordering business:

  • Build a Robust Customer Database
  • Seamless Ordering Experience
  • Outshine the competition
  • 24/7 Order support Exemplary Customer Service
  • Scalable operations
  • Instant Go-Live Capabilities

Cost to Develop app similar to JustEat 

The cost of developing a food-delivering Ready made JustEat app will depend on several factors, such as the app’s complexity, features platforms, development team location, and hourly rate. Here are the primary factors that can influence the cost of Develop app similar to JustEat  food delivery app :

Features: The features you want to include in your application will significantly impact the cost to Develop app similar to JustEat.

Platform: The platform you choose for your application also affects the development cost of an app like JustEat. Developing an app similar to JustEat for both iOS and Android platforms will cost more than developing an app for a single platform.

Design: The design of the readymade JustEat app is another vital factor that affects the cost of JustEat app development. A custom design will cost more than a pre-made template to Develop an app similar to JustEat.

Development team: The location of your development team will also affect the cost of developing a JustEat-like app. Hiring a development team in the US or Western Europe will cost more than hiring a team in Eastern Europe or Asia to Develop an app similar to JustEat.

Based on these factors, the approximate cost of JustEat like app development can range from $50000 to $ 150000 or more. Here is the breakdown of the estimated cost by the development stage:

  • Planning and design: $30,00 to $10,000
  • Development: $20,000 to $1,00,000
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: $30,00 to $ 10,000
  • Deployment and Launch: $50,00 to $10,000
  • Maintenance and Updates: $500 to $5,000 per month

Point to Remember: This is a rough calculation of the cost of developing a JustEat-like app. The cost of Developing an app similar to JustEat may be less or more than it, depending on the complexity level, Company Size, Location, Design, and Developers of the JustEat clone app. It is based on consulting with a professional app development company to get an accurate estimate for the project.

Technology Stacks Needs to JustEat like app Development

To Develop apps similar to JustEat, various types of technical stacks are needed that can handle multiple functionalities and integrate with various systems. Here are the important technological stacks that need to be used for JustEat, like app Development.

  • Programming languages: Java, Swift, Kotlin, Python, and Node.js are commonly used programming languages for developing food delivery apps.
  • Mobile App Development Platforms: iOS and Android are the most popular platforms for JustEat like app development. Developers can use frameworks such as React Native, Flutter, or Xamarin to build cross-platform apps that work seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Backend Development: Backend development technologies such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Django are used to develop the JustEat like app development backend. These technologies help to manage user data, payment information, and order processing.
  • Cloud Storage: Cloud storage services such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage are used to store user data, order history, and other important information.
  • Payment Gateways: Integrating the payment gateways is crucial for food delivery apps. Popular payment gateway options include Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree.
  • Real-Time Data Management: Real-time data management technologies like Firebase can handle real-time updates and notifications for order status and delivery tracking.
  • APIs: APIs play an important role in integrating different systems, such as payment gateways, delivery management systems, and restaurant POS systems.

Developers use this latest technological stack for JustEat like app Development. However, it may vary from the requirements of the project application and provide maintenance and support services.

Business Benefits of Ready made JustEat App

  • Digital Payment—You can pay online and maintain the social distance for the payment. You can pay for your food online through various payment modes.
  • Admin Panel—This allows the admin to control the entire dashboard of the website, restaurants, customers, and the orders.
  • Menu Management—Restaurant owners can manage the menu, which allows them to add or remove food items according to their availability.
  • Notifications—The restaurant owner, customer, and delivery man are notified of each other’s latest updates.
  • Route Optimization—The Agent or driver can update their availability status, receive order delivery requests, and view the route for successful delivery.
  • Analytic—The admin can review the business analytics to easily understand the business’s sales projection, profits, losses, and expenses.
  • Reviews—Customers can give reviews and feedback based on their experience with the food and the delivery person’s behavior. They can also leave comments about the restaurant, food, and servicemen.
  • Live Tracking—Customers can track the food they order, and restaurant owners can also track whether the food is delivered or not.

The Final Words

Online food delivery apps are becoming game-changing in this online world. People prefer to order food online instead of physically visiting any restaurant for food. This helps them to save time and invest that time in other work. The demand for online food delivery applications is increasing day by day. By taking advantage of this time, you can Develop apps similar to JustEat and generate high-income revenue and profit. You can include advanced features by understanding customer requirements and needs, which will make your application more user-friendly.

In this article, I have mentioned the business benefits, Revenue model, business model, and approx cost to develop the Ready made JustEat app. You may also Develop an app similar to JustEat and take the benefits from it.

Thank you for reading the article!!

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