15 Guest Post Sites For Technology Niche — 2024

Hey! Are you seeking the best technology blog and website? Please have patience! This article will introduce the top 15 […]

Hey! Are you seeking the best technology blog and website? Please have patience! This article will introduce the top 15 technology blogs and websites that will help you find the best. Reading the latest technology blogs will provide a true feed of interesting technological insights. Such websites will bring you anything related to the new technological world, whether news or information about new products on the market.

In a world fully surrounded by technological innovation, staying informed about the latest trends and updates is very important. Technology blogs are an excellent resource for staying up-to-date on the latest technological trends. But there are thousands of blogs out there that cover technological news. That’s why accurate information written by experts is necessary.

List of Top 15 Technological Blogs and Websites

  1. The App Journey
  2. Make An App Like
  3. Gizmodo.com
  4. Ars Technica
  5. TechRadar.com
  6. Digital Trends
  7. Venturebeat.com
  8. GeeksforGeeks Gblog
  9. Slashgear.com
  10. TechCrunch
  11. TheNextWeb.com
  12. Blog.playstation.com
  13. Computer World
  14. LifeHacker
  15. Information Week

Brief Introduction of All Technology Guest Post Websites


Gizmodo is an active and engaging content site that makes tech accessible to readers of all backgrounds. It has a unique voice and adds a refreshing perspective to the disclosure. Basically, it publishes blog posts on designs, technology, and gadgets. The website offers the best gadget guide.

Here, you can watch videos and read guidelines that cover every aspect of the newest technology available. Gizmodo is the best resource for those looking for the latest tech updates and helpful resources on the future of technology.


TechRadar.com is famous for uploading high-quality content that is very informative and helpful. If you are also looking for daily breaking news, reviews, analysis, deals, etc, from the technological world, TechRadar.com is the best place for this. It provides an explanation of the technology added to modern automobiles.

It compares the various aspects of the technology currently used in cars and covers a wide range of technological topics, including smartphones, laptops, and various software.


Venturebeat.com is an official blog that offers AI, gaming, digital transformation, and more, making it a valuable resource for industry professionals. It is a leading platform for transformative tech news and events that provide deep context to help business leaders make smart decisions and stay on top of breaking news.

It zeroes in on the interchanging of technology and entrepreneurship, offering a window into the startup ecosystem and innovation landscape. It is also recognised as the leading media authority in artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Slashgear has always been ahead of the curve in updating technological news and blogs. It has continued to grow, expanding its team and editorial coverage to encompass consumer electronics, the automotive industry, entertainment, machines, science, and gaming. It offers detailed reviews of the latest releases in the fast-evolving world of cars and cutting-edge technology.

It operates under static media and reaches over 5 million readers every month, providing trustworthy, daily news and thought-provoking commentary on everything happening in the automation and technology industry.


If you are looking for technological news coverage specifically, Eurogamer is a haven for gamers. It offers reviews, news, and features on the latest video games and gaming platforms. You will get daily updates here and stay in touch with the gaming world.

The site began with a PC focus and a keen interest in the competitive FPS scene of the time. Still, over the years, it has grown to cover every aspect of gaming — PC, console, indie, board games, and anything else that the team and the site’s readers find interesting.

Its comprehensive coverage and passionate community make it an indispensable resource for staying up-to-date with the gaming world. You should look at their website if you’re interested in how they work.

Ars Technica

Ars Technica is a leading website which is famous for covering news and options in technology, science, politics and society. It publishes news, reviews, and guides on issues such as computer hardware and software, science, technology policy, and video games.

The content of articles published by Ars Technica has generally remained the same since its creation in 1998 and is categorised into four types: news, guides, reviews, and features. It provided short commentaries on the news, generally a few paragraphs, and a link to the original source.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends is an official blog that covers breaking news on mobiles, gaming devices, home theatre, computers, laptops, and smart home products. This website’s main motto and objective is to change your lifestyle and upgrade yourself. There is much to learn about music, photography, and automobiles.

It also covers various topics, including gadgets, gaming, home entertainment product reviews, and smart home gadgets. It also suggests products with expected advances.


GeeksforGeeks is a reputed technological platform where tech bloggers can write technical blogs on various domains according to their interests. If you are passionate about Technology, then you may write your thoughts on G blog. These blogs are also published and viewed by the learners. Here, you will get the latest updates regarding technology, operating systems, programming languages, website development, open source, etc.

It covers a wide range of topics, including the latest tech, school learning, data structures, algorithms, web development, and machine learning.


TechCrunch is one of the most popular technological news websites in the world. It is famous for providing insights into the latest tech trends, startups, and industry movers and shakers. Millions of people visit this website per month, and the popularity of this website among tech geeks is very much from a tech business perspective.

It deeply analyses technology news and is a growing destination for anyone who wants to understand the heart of the technical world.


TheNextweb (TNW) stands out for its comprehensive coverage of technology and culture, offering a fresh perspective on how innovation shapes our lives. TWN is also known for its global media outlet and award-winning tech.

They provide information, inspire, and connect people who love, understand, and are excited by technology’s potential.TheNextweb grew into the global brand that is the soul of technology.


Blog.playstation.com is an online platform which offers an insider’s look into the gaming world, featuring news, updates, and developers. This provides an update regarding the latest games. It is heaven for gamers who are willing to buy behind-the-scenes content.

Blog.playstation.com post the latest blogs and news regarding games like PS5, PS VR2, PS5 entertainment, etc.

Computer World

Computer World is a publication and magazine for IT and business technology professionals. Computer World distributes the morning newspaper in the tabloid format. It also publishes several notable special reports annually, including the 100 best places to work in IT.

Computer World is one of the most successful trades for publication in technology news and blogs. It also publishes features and stories highlighting magazine history.


LifeHacker is one of the most renowned technology blogs. It is mainly about life hacks and provides information regarding technology, health, food, entertainment, money, home and garden, etc.

It provides various tips for managing and improving your lifestyle and allows you to download useful resources.

Information Week

Information Week generally publishes content about the business community. It is a digital magazine that conducts corresponding face-to-face events, virtual events, and research. Information Week’s main mission is to value business technology.

It covers the business of social media and collaboration technologies, including customer support on public social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


Thousands of websites provide the latest updates regarding technology blogs and news. It is very important to keep up-to-date with the new technology world. By reading this article, you may get an idea of the best website for technology news and blogs. Here, we have provided a short introduction to websites for technology blogs.

If you want the best experience, you can stay in touch with Richestsoft. Richestsoft is one of the most famous websites that will help you upgrade to the latest version of yourself. This website has many posts regarding daily technology updates, so you must visit this website whether you are a tech enthusiast or an occasional reader.

Related Question regarding technology blog and website

Which website should we follow for daily technology news and updates?

To keep up with daily technology news and updates, you can follow Richestsoft, Ars Technica, Digital Trends, TechCrunch, GeeksforGeeks Gblog, etc

What is the most successful type of blog?

Food, travel, health, and daily lifestyle blogs are the most successful social media blogs.

Can we make money from tech blogs?

Yes, many tech blogs make money in different ways, such as advertising, brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, etc.

What is a blog in technology?

The blog covers various topics, such as software development, hardware reviews, cyber security, Artificial intelligence, etc., and is known as a technology blog.

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