10 Best AI Integration Services & Companies in Dubai

AI integration services seamlessly blend leading-edge prospects like natural language processing and predictive analytics into your workflow. Artificial Intelligence (AI) […]

AI integration services seamlessly blend leading-edge prospects like natural language processing and predictive analytics into your workflow. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a trend; it’s a rapidly growing force in the market. In this era of technology, AI has become a significant investment area. Many tech AI companies are making substantial investments in AI. It’s no longer a question; every business will modernize with AI.

Do you also need the best AI Integration Services Companies in Dubai but cannot decide? Now stop! No further confusion. Here are the top 20 AI integration services companies in Dubai. All the companies are the top listed companies that provide the no. 1 services for your business. If you’re also considering this crucial step for your business, we’re here to help you find the best AI partner.

Short Introduction Of The Top 20 AI Integration Services Companies In The Dubai


  • Founder: Ranjitpal Singh
  • Founded in 2009

Richestsoft is a leading AI Integration company in Dubai that stands out as a reliable partner for businesses seeking AI integration services. It has been delivering exceptional mobile app solutions to its clients throughout the Country. Their exclusive range of Mobile App Development services in Dubai is conceptualized to support your business growth.

Their team of experts offers personalized consultations, understanding your unique requirements and devising tailored AI strategies that align with your business goals. Richestsoft has the qualified manpower that provides quality work at the required time.


  • Founder: Stan Sakharchuk
  • Founded in 2017

Interexy is a leading provider of business and technology solutions worldwide. It is super fast at developing new features and building stable apps. Pampers, Next Street, Square, SAP, de Verus, etc., trust Interexy. It focuses on helping businesses digitize their processes, improve customer experience through mobile apps, and provide end-to-end service with a strong network of partners.

Interexy also provides custom software solutions and IT consulting services for 30+ industries. They ensure conditions to feel independent and comfortable in the digital environment, even without opportunities to interact with clients directly.

Maxwell Global Software

  • Founder: AZHAGARRAJ J
  • Founded in 2007

Maxwell Global Software is one of the best AI development companies in Dubai. It is committed to providing outstanding IT services to its clients to help them achieve the heights of their business efforts. Maxwell Global Software aims to provide quality work within the budget and time given by the client.

They test each piece of code extensively before delivery to ensure its efficacy. They focus and value teamwork, which is essential for success, and provide the best service to the business.

Growth Anchors

  • Founder: Kenny J.
  • Founded in 2017

Growth Anchors is the best AI development company in UAE that builds artificial intelligent solutions. It is a successful digital marketing campaign that connects with the audience, raises brand awareness, and provides quantifiable growth. They offer complete solutions that are suited to your unique business requirements.

Growth Anchors follow trends, provide services for various industries, and achieve desired results. Because of its hard work, this is one of the most successful companies in AI Integration Company Dubai.


  • Founder: Dr Lindsay Wood and William Wood
  • Founded in 1989

Sciencesoft is one of the players in AI Integration Development Dubai. They provide software solutions and IT services for 30+ industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, banking, retail, telecommunications, education, and more.

Sciencesoft provides services to improve business performance, optimise customer service, and tap into digital transformation. They help bring new products to the market and win customers’ hearts.

Dev Technosys Dubai

  • Founder: Tarun Nagar
  • Founded in 2010

Dev Technosys is also a leading AI development company in Dubai that provides businesses with the perfect blend of unique web and mobile development solutions. They mark the standalone reputation for offering breakthrough business solutions to clients globally.

They work for the customer’s satisfaction and ensure their team puts their best efforts into delivering a project on time. Dev Technosys works with quality on every project with a mission to offer high-end business solutions that bring value and profit.

WebClues Infotech

  • Founder: Ayush Kanodia
  • Founded in 2014

WebClues Infotech is the superior AI development company in UAE that touches human lives with its products and solutions. Working with the latest technologies and leveraging their capabilities to make a difference in your business is an honour. They create exceptional products for their clients at cost-efficient prices.

WebClues Infotech professionals love technology and work to make it accessible to everyone. They follow a customer-first approach and are willing to go the extra mile.

Damco Solutions

  • Founder: Mohit Gupta
  • Founded in 1996

Damco Solutions is a leading AI Integration Company in Dubai that provides exceptional customer value and business advantages to its customers worldwide. They have developed 100 products and applications and refined countless processes.

They deliver end-to-end, innovative, leading-edge business and technical solutions to help corporations leverage technologies, transform their businesses, and acquire sustainable growth. Besides this, they also provide various services like

SCD Company

  • Founder: Mr. Kobi Kaushnizer
  • Founded in 2002

SCD Company is a custom software development company based in Dubai, UAE. It is a solution provider for technology companies in Western Europe and has completed dozens of large-scale projects and plenty of smaller projects of various complexity. SCD Company provides high-quality work to its clients and is also a leading manufacturer of IR detectors and electro-optical components.

It is a worldwide supplier of infrared detectors with over 40 years of research, development, and mass production. They To continuously expand our capabilities to new products and technologies.

Experion Technologies

  • Founder: Binu Jacob
  • Founded in 2006

Experion Technologies is a Global Product Engineering Services company offering enterprises future-ready and transformative digital solutions. They use the latest technology while crafting product experiences, utilising design capabilities across domains. It has been recognised multiple times by Frost & Sullivan, Clutch, Inc. 5000, and Everest Group for core expertise in digital and Software Product Engineering services.

Experion Technology drives new revenue streams, digitises business processes, and helps improve operational efficiency and productivity in healthcare, Retail, transport, and Logistics.

HCL Technologies

  • Founder: Mr. Shiv Nadar
  • Founded in 1976

HCL Technologies is a leading AI development company in Dubai that believes in the potential of work computing to transform the decades that come. They are known for delivering long-lasting impact through their company actions and their understanding with shareholders for a sustainable future.

HCL technologies deliver solutions that fulfil the traditional transformational and future needs of clients across the globe. They provide solutions like Data and Analytics, Application development and maintenance, Landing solutions, Finance and accounting, etc.


  • Founder: Raghu Ravinutala
  • Founded in 2016

Yellow.AI is now a global leader in conversational AI, delivering autonomous, human-like experiences for customers and employees to accelerate enterprise growth. Their teams of experts aim to create actionable outcomes for enterprises, their customers, and their employees while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Yellow.Ai believes memorable conversations are at the heart of every meaningful brand engagement. They work to transform clients’ businesses autonomously with AI-powered technology.

Global Logic

  • Founder: Nitesh Banga
  • Founded in 2002

Global Logic is one of the best AI Integration Companies in Dubai. They provide fully integrated product development services that combine deep domain expertise and cross-industry experience to connect markets worldwide. They collaborate with their customers to show them how strategic research and development can become a tool for managing their future.

Global Logic uses human-centred design practices, superior engineering skills, and agile delivery to help clients reimagine their business and consumer attractions and develop innovative products and services.

Engro Technologies

  • Founder: Rohit Chadda
  • Founded in 2021

Engro Technologies is one of the best AI development companies in Dubai, UAE. It provides industry-driven solutions to transform your brand digitally. Generally, it focuses on Digital Transformation with specialised industry Expertise in cloud Native, loT solutions, and custom development of massive scale.

The team members of Engro Technologies efficiently convert challenges into milestones that could speak for themselves. Their support and operational team go beyond the conventional approach to ensure that they sustain their customer relationship with long-term engagement.


  • Founder: Arthur Delerue
  • Founded in 2006

Usetech is one of the superior AI development companies in Dubai. This company continuously develops unique and powerful business solutions in retail and eCommerce, fintech and banking, oil and gas manufacturing, telecom, software, and hi-tech and insurance. Usetech.com ensures high performance, flexible architecture, and enhanced security.

They use technology to help clients achieve business goals and keep up with technological progress. This company employs over 1,000 people and has completed over 1,000 projects.

Owebest Technologies

  • Founder: Ankit Bagda
  • Founded in 2013

Owebest Technologies is known as one of the pioneer Outsourced AI Integration companies in Dubai, UAE. Their team of experts uses a blend of proven methodologies and business knowledge to deliver a high-quality solution for their clients.

Owebest Technologies drives real-time innovations and helps clients transform and grow their organisations using trending technologies. Its goal is to meet clients’ growing expectations while redefining the overall customer experience.

Binmile Technologies

  • Founder: Avanish
  • Founded in 2017
  • Binmile Technologies is a leading force in the digital realm dedicated to revolutionising business through innovative and progressive digital services. It focuses on transforming the software development industry by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and delivering exceptional results to its clients.

Binmile Technologies drives innovation through advanced digital technologies and creates impactful software solutions for a better tomorrow. It has also been recognised for its quality service by Clutch, Nasscom, Hindustan Times, Deloitte, etc.


  • Founder: Florian Douetteau
  • Founded in 2013

Dataiku is a progressive AI integration company in Dubai that believes diversity of people and thought is inherent in creating a top-quality product. This company’s environment is very comfortable, and everyone can bring their full selves to work. Dataiku takes responsibility for building a community of tolerance and open-mindedness.

Their customers trust them because they understand and address the complexities of their organisations in systemising the use of data and AI.


  • Founder: Faisal Qadeer
  • Founded in 2010

BitsWits is a globally recognised custom software, app development, and AI integration company in Dubai, UAE. Its main goal is to achieve productive outcomes to help its clients succeed in the highly competitive digital world. Their attention to detail in every phase ensured proEYE’s success in the blockchain.

The BitsWits team is dedicated to enabling growth by providing a wide range of design and development services. It has a friendly platform with advanced analytics and robust data integration

Innosoft Group

  • Founded in 2013

Innosoft Group is a renowned custom software and app development company that provides digital success to businesses with cutting-edge solutions. This company is famous for translating user experience into unique brand recognition. Their team focuses on professional values, and every idea works tirelessly to transform client ideas into a profitable venture.

Innosoft Group understands the time constraint and possesses brilliant skills to complete their high-quality project within the specified time. Innosoft stands for quality assurance and systematic implementation.

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Hey! Want to give wings to your business? The above-listed companies are the best AI Integration Development companies in Dubai. You can choose the best one for you by reading this article. All the companies have the best reviews from clients. Mobile app development in Dubai necessitates plenty of research and dedication. Selecting the correct mobile app development business in Dubai, UAE, is essential. For the best experience, you can stay in touch with Richestsoft. Since 2009, the prime goal of richestsoft is to deliver quality work timely to their client, which they are following without compromise.

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