Top 15 AI Education Startup Companies Worldwide

Discover groundbreaking AI education startup companies that are redefining education. Learn how these startups are utilizing AI to enhance and personalize the learning experience.

Top 15 AI Education Startup Companies Worldwide

AI education companies empower organizations to achieve new levels of innovation and efficiency using data, algorithms, and computing power to automate tasks, optimize processes, and enhance decision-making.

An expanding AI edtech startups also means more jobs and a greater demand for skilled professionals among ed-tech brands. Front-end and back-end developers, UX designers, and cybersecurity analysts are some of the most popular roles.

The top AI education companies are developing and deploying cutting-edge artificial intelligence applications across nearly every sector, from healthcare and finance to e-commerce, cybersecurity, and manufacturing. The following education technology companies are helping to shape the industry, tackling questions of pedagogy and business in the process.

Here’s the chart illustrating the deployment of AI education companies across various sectors. It shows the number of deployments in Healthcare, Finance, E-commerce, Cybersecurity, and Manufacturing. This visualization helps to understand how these companies are contributing to different industries with their advanced AI applications
Here’s the chart illustrating the deployment of AI education companies across various sectors. It shows the number of deployments in Healthcare, Finance, E-commerce, Cybersecurity, and Manufacturing. This visualization helps to understand how these companies are contributing to different industries with their advanced AI applications

Here is the List of AI Edtech Startups Companies Worldwide

  1. Amplify
  2. Great Minds
  3. Bright Horizons
  4. Skillsoft
  5. Guild Education
  6. Multiverse
  7. Duolingo
  8. Everspring
  9. Dreambox Learning
  10. Paper
  11. Screencastify
  12. Alibaba Cloud
  13. DataRobot

Brief Introduction of AI Edtech Startups Companies Worldwide


Amplify is a leading AI education companies that create high-quality programs that make it easier for you to teach inspiring, impactful lessons that celebrate and develop the brilliance of your students. Dive into frameworks for understanding reading fluency, read the latest research, and find strategies you can implement in your classroom. Their programs help you build a strong Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) and a seamless literacy instructional model to meet the needs of every student learning to read.

Features of the Company

  • Provide teachers with powerful tools that help them understand and respond to the needs of every student.
  • The Science of Reading refers to the vast body of growing research showing how children learn to read and the instruction that helps them do so.
  • Create high-quality programs that make it easier for you to teach inspiring, impactful lessons that celebrate and develop your students’ brilliance.

Great Minds

Great Minds is a pioneer AI edtech startup that builds deep, lasting understanding rather than just memorizing. It makes knowledge accessible to all through high-quality curricula in mathematics, English language arts, science, and more. The company provides the knowledge that builds upon itself for stronger connections throughout the learning process. The company’s curricula provide teachers, students, and their families with high-quality, flexible, and knowledge-building curricula that meet the moment in any learning environment.

Features of the Company

  • The company inspires students to wonder about the world and empowers them to understand it.
  • These AI Edtech startups have knowledge-building instructional materials.
  • It predominantly works with public organizations listed in ASX300, S&P 500 or Nikkei 225.

Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons is the best AI education companies with high-quality education and child care, trusted by parents and organizations worldwide, made to fit how people learn, live, and work today. Bright Horizons has helped children discover their talents and strengths and become confident learners. Its backup care has been an unexpected blessing and is very much appreciated as it allows working parents to maintain their productivity.

Features of the Company

  • The company transitioned seamlessly between school/daycare and backup care on our breaks and unexpected losses of care experienced during the pandemic.
  • Provide high-quality education and child care that is trusted by parents and organizations.
  • Bright Horizons teachers offer the individualized attention needed for this important year.


Skillsoft is one of the best AI edtech companies, developing employees and growing businesses with its enterprise learning platform. Its Interactive Skill Benchmarks enable a dynamic approach to assessments built around learning outcomes, ensuring that assessments directly test a learner’s ability to apply their knowledge. This diagnostic assessment aligns the most in-demand skills and vetted objectives to guide learning and employee development.

Features of the Company

  • More than 12,000 organizations trust Skillsoft for employee learning and development.
  • Empower leaders to navigate their teams through change while focusing on the strategic vision and mission.
  • Ensure engineers build and maintain applications securely, ethically, and proficiently.

Guild Education

  • Manpower: 250+
  • Establish Year: 2015
  • Social Media: LinkedinInsta

Guild Education is a leading AI edtech startups company that builds a bridge between education and employment. The company helps millions of Americans gain the skills and support they need to grow in their careers. Guild Education helps employees build the careers they want by gaining the skills your company needs.

Features of the Company

  • The AI edtech startups company facilitates payment directly between employers and learning partners, making access to education equitable for the most often excluded.
  • Dedicated career coaches and career discovery features help employees find and prepare for new company roles.
  • Remove the major financial barrier with tuition-paid learning.


Multiverse is a superior AI edtech startups company that supports professionals in embracing AI and learning the fundamentals of using it in the workplace. The company works with over 1,500 leading companies, including Microsoft, Citi, and Just Eat, to help solve their business-critical problems and prepare them for the future of work.

Features of the Company

  • The AI edtech companies provide everyone with equitable economic opportunity.
  • The company has a genuine culture of continuous feedback and improvement, and we learn from each other’s diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences.
  • The company has a powerful network of apprentices and alumni who support each other in achieving their goals.


Duolingo is one of the best AI edtech startups company that make learning easy to form a habit of language learning with game-like features, fun challenges, and reminders from our friendly mascot. The company uses a combination of research-backed teaching methods and delightful content to create courses that effectively teach reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Features of the Company

  • Duolingo combines the best of AI and language science. Lessons are tailored to help you learn at the right level and pace.
  • Their convenient, fast, affordable English test integrates the latest assessment science and AI.
  • The company’s free tools support your students as they learn languages through the Duolingo app, both in and out of the classroom.


Everspring is a superior AI education startup companies worldwide that powerfully combines AI-enabled platforms and consulting services for enrollment, retention, and hybrid course delivery. The company has been in the game for over a decade, and no one makes it simpler, faster, or delivers results like Everspring does.

Features of the Company

  • The company’s approach is efficient, fair, and transparent.
  • Everspring challenges what’s possible and works tirelessly to deliver outstanding outcomes every time.
  • They deliver high-quality, results-driven services that yield measurable outcomes for students, faculty, and the university.

Dreambox Learning

Dreambox Learning is a stand-out AI education companies that has everything students need to build confidence and competence. The AI edtech startups company empowers educators through continuous learning and strengthens instructional practice to ensure a successful implementation.

Features of the Company

  • Discover the latest news, helpful resources, and more.
  • The company provides a direct correlation between student usage and student achievement.
  • Explore the interactive map to discover case studies, access efficacy research, and hear from educators from every type of district.


Paper is one of the best AI education companies that can help meet your education support system. The company’s Educational Support System empowers students throughout their academic journeys, helping them to build confidence for what comes next. The paper serves more than 3 million students from about 300 unique school districts across 41 U.S. states and Canada.

Features of the Company

  • Paper has consistently been at the forefront of educational innovation.
  • The company has been honored with the Best of 2023 Awards from Tech & Learning.
  • Help students chart the post-secondary pathway of their choice with tools for academic planning, career test drives, and work-based learning.


Screencastify is one of the famous AI education startup companies worldwide that empowers students to create videos with Submit. The company collects video assignments and helps students practice skills, reflect, build portfolios, and learn by doing. It helps save time and make your videos more engaging and accessible. Add an AI-generated title, description, and captions with one click.

Features of the Company

  • Millions of teachers & students use Screencastify to create amazing videos.
  • Generate a detailed summary for your description
  • Make your videos easier to re-find and reuse with accurate summaries

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba is a renowned company that explores endless possibilities using products designed for complex and dynamic environments. The company builds a smarter world with cutting-edge products. Alibaba Cloud uses its comprehensive suite of cloud services and proven track record of delivering value to boost the capabilities of financial customers of all sizes.

Features of the Company

  • Enhance business agility and accelerate digital transformation with the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace business solutions.
  • Using Industry Solutions to Accelerate in the Digital Economy.
  • The company has 130+ security and compliance accreditations worldwide.


DataRobot is a leader in AI education companies with a unique and collaborative approach to Artificial Intelligence. With over a decade at the forefront of AI innovation, the company knows what it takes to make a real difference to clients’ bottom lines, business vision, and the world around them. DataRobt builds lasting generative AI capabilities across clients’ organizations customized to their needs.

Features of the Company

  • DataRobot is committed to making diversity, equity, and inclusion a part of our DNA.
  • Operating principles set expectations for how the company thinks, acts, and interacts at DataRobot.
  • They are an international company supporting international customers.


AI edtech startups have become a major force in the education industry that including everything from online learning platforms to learning management systems, gamification platforms, and adaptive learning technologies. AI edtech companies are changing the education landscape in several ways. Here are the leading Edtech companies that will help you to find the best education partner for you.

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