Soulgen AI Reviews

SoulGen, an innovative AI creator of art, is on the cutting edge of this trend, which empowers individuals from any […]

Soulgen AI Reviews

SoulGen, an innovative AI creator of art, is on the cutting edge of this trend, which empowers individuals from any artistic background to develop their creative talents. It is an artificial intelligence-powered art maker that enables users to design personalized images and characters using text prompts within seconds. Soulgen is a top-of-the-line AI model created to extend the limits of imagination. Its main goal is to effortlessly connect textual input with visually stunning artworks.

The platform allows users to create unique and personalized images from text prompts. It’s a tool that can generate anime-style and real-life images, making it a versatile choice for various creative needs. It can bring your creative visions to life, whether you want to create a custom anime character or a realistic portrait. In this article, you will get information about Soulgen AI Reviews, Soulgen AI Features, Soulgen AI user Reviews, and more. Let us continue reading.

About SoulGen AI

  • Starting Price: Free
  • Pricing Model: Per Month
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Free Plan: Available

Key Features of Soulgen AI

Text-to-Art Creation: Simply express your ideas in words, and SoulGen will create an original piece of art.

Multi-Styles: Discover a variety of artistic designs, ranging from photorealistic photos to zany anime characters.

AI Anime and Human Creator: Make stunning portraits of characters regardless of whether you visualize realistic human features or anime aesthetics.

Image Editing and Outpainting: Improve your work by incorporating or eliminating elements. Then, the canvas can be expanded by using artificial intelligence-powered backgrounds.

User-Friendly Interface: SoulGen’s navigation is simple and fun, making it suitable even for those without artistic experience.

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SoulGen AI Pricing

SoulGen Offers 2 plans: Monthly and Yearly.

Pro SoulGen AI Monthly Plan:

This plan costs $9.99 per month and includes several features: removing blur, lifetime save, priority queue, no watermark, unlocking multitask, multi-creations generated, modifying AI Girl’s looks, editing images, 100 credits per month, and unlimited messages.

Pro SoulGen AI Yearly Plan:

This plan costs $69.99 per year. You can take benefit of the various features such as removing blur, lifetime save, priority queue, no watermark, unlocking multitasks, multi-creations generated, modifying AI Girl’s looks, editing images, 100 credits per month, unlimited messages, and many more.

On top of this, SoulGen AI also accepts credit card payments, debit Card Payments, and PayPal Payments, so for the payment, you do not need to worry.

Soulgen AI Reviews or Soulgen AI User Reviews

After using the application, the user shares the experience regarding reviews or feedback with the tool or application. Let us discuss about the Soulgen AI Reviews or Soulgen AI User Reviews.

SoulGen AI User Reviews as per Trustpilot

Trustpilot is an independent digital platform that connects businesses and consumers to foster trust and inspire collaboration. The platform helps users buy or use an application confidently after viewing user reviews and helps businesses grow and improve their offers.

The average Soulgen AI Reviews on the Trustpilot platform is 3.4, where users submitted 2 feedbacks with 3-star ratings. Let us view the comments and SoulGen AI User Reviews or SoulGen AI Reviews.

SoulGen AI User Reviews
SoulGen AI User Reviews

As per Ursula Wilcox — ” Unlock the potential of stunning AI illustrations! A touch of adjustment may be needed, but the results are worth it (laughs).”

As per Marie Wright — I want to make money using the images generated by SoulGen, but I’m unsure if there’s a market for them. The memberships and points for SoulGen are quite expensive, and I might end up losing money.

SoulGen AI User Reviews as per ScamAdviser

Scamadviser is a website that helps consumer make their online shopping decisions by rating websites with the Scamadviser Trust Score.

The average score of SoulGen AI Reviews on ScanAdviser is 56 out of 100. You can also check the picture below for confirmation or visit the ScamAdviser site.

SoulGen AI User Reviews as per Google Play Store

SoulGen AI User Reviews as per Google Play Store
SoulGen AI User Reviews as per Google Play Store

As per the Google Play Store, the average SoulGen AI Reviews is 2.8 score out of 5 score. There are a total of 386 reviews submitted by the users after using the application. Let us read the SoulGen AI user reviews, comments, and feedback.

Bryan Bullock wrote that “Redoing my review, because I’ve learned a bit more about the app. 1. You get 100 credits when you subscribe, and 100 credits per month after that. You can still buy more, but you don’t have to. 2. The app is fairly limited; however, your sub is cross-compatible with the browser version, which provides more functionality. Whether it’s worth it or not comes down to how much money you have to burn and whether you think the yearly fee is reasonable.”

Michael B. wrote that “They baited and switched what I could make before being a member. You falsely advertised NSFW content creation. And allowed me to do it right minutes before I purchased my subscription, then took the ability away. I expect a full refund or will contact every poor reveiwer sammed like me and report you to my lawyer. Scam.”

SoulGen AI User Reviews As per Steve Foster, “What a waste of time. You don’t even get to create pictures. If gives you three options, anime, remove background, and enhance.. the web version lets you create pictures.. this app is useless when any other app does this, AND it let’s your create pictures. What garbage. Devs do better!”

How to use SoulGen AI?

Here, you will get step-by-step instructions on how to use the SoulGen AI.

  1. Go to and click Try it Now, or sign up for a premium plan right away.
  2. Click Create to open the image generator window.
  3. Enter your prompt at the top — the more descriptive and detailed, the better. Name the subject, colors, and scenery.
  4. Choose a model to use as a base or skip this to generate an image from scratch.
  5. Choose an art style, such as realistic, cinematic, or anime.
  6. Select an aspect ratio like portrait, landscape, or something for social media.
  7. Select the number of variations, up to 9, on a Pro account.
  8. Click Create to generate your AI image.
  9. From here, you can alter the hair, clothing, and backgrounds or extend the image beyond its borders.
  10. Save your creation locally, or keep it on the platform with a Pro account.
  11. To use SoulChat, click Add Soulmates from your existing AI creations or choose a pre-set bot from the gallery.
  12. Converse, ask for photos and develop your relationship.

Pros and Cons of SoulGen AI


  • Images with high-quality quality: SoulGen produces impressive results, particularly regarding realistic and anime-style portraits.
  • User-friendly interface This platform can be simple, even for non-technical users.
  • Options for customization: You can adjust certain aspects of the created images, such as the style, color scheme, and background.
  • A freemium version: A free plan allows you to test the basic features before you commit to a monthly payment.
  • Commercial use permitted: Generated images can be used commercially under certain restrictions.
  • It is time-saving. This technology can speedily create visuals, reducing time over manually created designs.


  • Limited customization options: Unlike other AI art generators, SoulGen offers fewer options to tweak the output.
  • Inconsistency of output: Generated images can occasionally be inconsistent with the text prompt, leading to frustration.
  • Price: Paid plans can be expensive, particularly for large-volume use.
  • Content range limited: Primarily focused on female characters, and with lesser variety in other categories.
  • Ethics concerns: The ability to generate potentially offensive content raises concerns regarding responsible usage.
  • Subscription problems: Some users have had issues canceling subscriptions.

The Conclusion

As we all know, SoulGen is an AI-powered art maker that allows you to make NSFW pictures and also offers a unique service of transforming text prompts into personalized images. Here are the SoulGen AI User Reviews and SoulGen AI Reviews. All the comments are search-based. Trustpilot, Google Play Store, and Scamadviser are the trusted platforms. You can also check it using the link given. With the reviews here, I have also mentioned the pros and cons of the SoulGen AI, SoulGen AI user reviews, SoulGen AI reviews, Features, and step-by-step information about using the SoulGen AI.

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