Top 10 Sites To Buy White Label Apps

Developing and launching an application can be complex, requiring a large investment of time, money, and expertise. However, with the […]

Developing and launching an application can be complex, requiring a large investment of time, money, and expertise. However, with the introduction of white label app solutions, companies and entrepreneurs have ready-made apps that they can customize and brand. This strategy appeals to startups and well-established businesses because it saves time and money and enables quick deployment and scalability.

White label apps, also known as apps that are completely designed or have ready-made templates, offer businesses a unique opportunity. Businesses can add their branding components, modify features, and adjust functionalities to suit their unique needs, effectively using them as a blank canvas. This adaptability is a game-changer, particularly for industries where time-to-market is crucial, empowering companies to stay ahead of the curve.

Additionally, white label app marketplaces have grown in popularity due to the enticing advantages and rising demand. Offering companies a one-stop shop for all their app development needs, these marketplaces provide a broad selection of white label app templates, scripts, and ready-to-use programs.

The abundance of possibilities makes it difficult for businesses to make decisions. For this reason, we examine the top 10 sites where white label apps can be purchased in this post, looking at their features, benefits, and applicability for various business contexts. Now, let’s start searching for the ideal website for you!

Here is a list of different types of white label apps:

  1. White Label E-commerce Apps
  2. White Label Food Delivery Apps
  3. White Label Taxi Booking Apps
  4. White Label Fitness Apps
  5. White Label Real Estate Apps
  6. White Label Event Management Apps
  7. White Label Social Networking Apps
  8. White Label On-Demand Service Apps
  9. White Label Healthcare Apps
  10. White Label Travel Booking Apps
  11. White Label Learning Management System (LMS) Apps
  12. White Label News and Magazine Apps
  13. White Label Financial and Banking Apps
  14. White Label Hotel Booking Apps
  15. White Label Dating Apps

List of Top 10 Sites To Buy White Label Apps

Here are some of the most renowned and trustworthy sites to buy white label apps:


RichestSoft is one of the sector’s leading mobile app development companies, providing top-notch white label solutions that are customizable to your business needs and vision. The experienced team of developers ensures complete security and customization options to make the app resonate with your business services. With its intuitive interface, Richestsoft offers various pre-built application templates tailored to distinct sectors. It is a highly configurable platform perfect for businesses of all sizes. Richestsoft simplifies finding a foundation that meets your needs with its distinctive, configurable nature, allowing you to customize branding components, content, and functionality.


Thriftify differentiates itself from competitors by offering excellent white label solutions at a reasonable price. Their platform allows extensive customization of various app components’ user interface, features, and content. Thriftify makes application creation easier by providing comprehensive documentation and support at every step and a range of pre-made app templates that appeal to diverse sectors. Thriftify promises a simple and effective process for creating your applications, regardless of your experience with app development.

  • Manpower: 1 to 50 Employees
  • Estd: 2014


When you work with Moburst, you can choose from an extensive range of mobile app marketing services. Their data-driven approach includes mobile strategy, product strategy, analytics, app store optimization (ASO), and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Moburst’s tactics are designed to cater to your requirements and take advantage of current industry trends, guaranteeing that your app surpasses its marketing objectives.

  • Manpower: 50–200 Employees
  • Estd: 2013


A well-known marketplace, CodeCanyon provides a wide selection of white label software scripts and themes. Their collection includes items from various sectors, including business, utilities, education, and entertainment. One of its main advantages is the enormous range offered by CodeCanyon, which supports many industries and capabilities. They include comprehensive documentation and assistance solutions with their templates, making it simpler for companies to customize and deploy their white label apps rapidly.

  • Manpower: 500–1000 Employees
  • Estd: 2006


MarketJS is an expert in white label HTML5 applications and games that work on mobile and web platforms. Companies can customize the apps to match their branding and features. MarketJS serves a variety of industries, such as banking, gambling, and education. They also provide licensing possibilities for companies wishing to smoothly incorporate white label apps into already existing platforms or roll them out on a bigger scale.

  • Manpower: 11–50 Employees
  • Estd: 2012


SellMyApp specializes in offering pre-configured, readily launchable white label apps. It serves company owners and entrepreneurs searching for fast ways to enter the mobile app market. SellMyApp offers various software genres, such as productivity tools, social networking, games, and more. Additionally, its platform makes it easier for buyers and sellers to communicate, guaranteeing a seamless transaction and assistance throughout the customization process.

  • Manpower: 50–249
  • Estd: 2012


AppsGeyser provides an easy-to-use platform for developing white-label Android apps without coding experience. With its configurable layouts and drag-and-drop interface, small enterprises and startups can easily enter the app market. Because of its emphasis on affordability and simplicity, AppsGeyser is a compelling choice for companies searching for low-cost white-label software solutions to launch their online presence.

  • Manpower: 11–50
  • Estd: 2011


Codester offers a large selection of white label app scripts and templates covering various functionalities and industries. Their platform prioritizes usability and customization, allowing businesses to change app designs, functionality, and branding components. Codester guarantees companies can efficiently launch and manage their white label apps without encountering technological difficulties by offering dependable customer support and documentation.

  • Manpower: 50–249
  • Estd: 2014


Appkodes provides white label app solutions for a range of industries, such as online marketplaces, social networking, e-commerce, and more. With its editable templates and scripts, companies may produce feature-rich applications with distinctive functionalities and branding. Additionally, Appkodes offers regular upgrades and support to keep white label apps competitive and optimal for users.

  • Manpower: 50–249
  • Estd: 2008


Businesses seeking white label solutions for designing progressive web apps (PWAs) can consider Mobiroller best. PWAs allow users to visit websites without interruption, even offline, by combining the finest characteristics of native apps with website accessibility. The platform Mobiroller offers can produce PWAs specifically customized to various industries thanks to its extensive customization possibilities and adaptability.

  • Manpower: 50–249
  • Estd: 2014

Key Features Comprised In A White Label App

Here are the key features of a white label app that businesses should consider:

  • Custom Branding: With white label apps, you can alter the app name, color scheme, and logo to better reflect your company’s identity.
  • User Interface (UI) Customization: To guarantee a smooth and recognizable user experience, you can alter the user interface to complement your brand’s visuals.
  • Scalability: With the growth of your business, you can add new features, build your user base, and adjust to shifting market demands thanks to the scalable nature of white label apps.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: A lot of white label apps are compatible with a variety of platforms, including the web, iOS, and Android. This allows you reach a broad audience and offer a unified experience across devices.
  • Security: To safeguard user information and uphold confidence, white-label apps prioritize security features, including data encryption, safe authentication procedures, and frequent upgrades.
  • Technical Help: Trustworthy technical help is crucial for troubleshooting, updating, and fixing any issues that may occur when using an app.
  • Compliance: White label apps follow industry norms and requirements, guaranteeing adherence to app store policies, accessibility guidelines, and data protection legislation.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy White Label Apps?

Basically, there are several aspects that influence the overall price of a white label app for businesses. Below are the approximate estimated costs of buying white label apps:

Cost White Label Apps (Approx.)

Basic White Label Apps

$500 — $2,000

Mid-Range White Label Apps

$2,000 — $10,000

Custom Developed White Label Apps

$20,000 — $50,000

  • Basic White Label Apps: Costing between $500 — $2,000 approx., simple white label apps have common features like push notifications, user authentication, and UI customization. These are frequently template-based programs with little room for customization.
  • Mid-Range White Label Apps: These can cost between $2,000 and $10,000 and include cross-platform compatibility, more interfaces (such as social media and payment gateways), configurable UI/UX, and more sophisticated functionality. They provide greater scalability and flexibility.
  • Custom Developed White Label Apps: Depending on the complexity and breadth of the project, custom development from scratch can cost much more if you need highly specialized features or an entirely new app solution. Prices can range around $20,000 & more.

Which Type Of White Label Apps Available?

White label apps come in various forms to meet the demands of diverse markets and commercial sectors. Here are a few typical kinds:

  • E-commerce

White label e-commerce applications let companies set up branded online stores to sell goods and services. These apps frequently include features like shopping carts, order management, secure payments, and customer assistance.

  • Fitness and Wellness

These applications include coaching sessions, activity tracking, food tracking, workout planning, progress tracking, and community support. They are centered around health, fitness, and wellness.

  • Education & E-Learning

White label education applications support the delivery of instructional content, online courses, tutorials, and learning. Features like progress monitoring, quizzes, course administration, certificates, and student-teacher interactions might be included.

  • Social Networking

White label social networking apps let companies design their social media networks for community development, networking, and communication. Features include user profiles, chat, news feeds, groups, events, and content sharing.

  • Gaming

White label gaming applications provide ready-to-play game platforms for various genres, including strategy, puzzle, casual, and multiplayer games. These applications include features like achievements, in-app purchases, leaderboards, and multiplayer functionality.

  • Travel and Hospitality

White label travel apps provide solutions for flight reservations, lodging, itinerary planning, travel guides, reviews, and customer service for passengers.

  • Banking and Finance

These apps offer white label solutions for financial institutions, including features such as secure authentication, budgeting tools, account management, transactions, and bill payment.

How To Determine Which White Label App Is Best For Your Company?

There are several important factors to take into account when choosing the best white label software for your business to make sure it fits your target market, budget, technical specifications, and business goals. Here’s a step-by-step process to assist you in choosing wisely:

  • Know Your Objectives

Establish your company’s goals before releasing a white label application. To achieve your objectives, decide which particular features and functionalities the app has to have.

  • Analyze Various Niches

Examine several app categories and specializations that fit your business, particular business services, or specialized markets.

  • Analyze Customization Options

Check out the branding and user interface (UI) customization options provided by each white label app supplier.

  • Cross-Platform Interoperability

Determine if the white label app supports different platforms (e.g., iOS, Android, web) to reach a wider audience and offer a consistent user experience across devices.

  • Analyze the Pricing Models

Recognize each white label app provider’s pricing strategy, license conditions, and available subscription plans.


White label apps present many options for companies that want to expand their online presence or break into the mobile app market. Selecting the appropriate platform is essential for success because numerous vendors offer customizable solutions for various sectors. Businesses can confidently choose a white label app development company considering these factors.

RichestSoft is a premier option for white label solutions among the top 10 sites. RichestSoft offers an appealing package for businesses of all kinds because of its vast experience in developing mobile apps, customizable templates catered to specific industries, user-friendly interface, rigorous security measures, and first-rate support.

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